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Saturday, May 26, 2018 by ngrover

Many of you have been aware and contacted me re the disappearance of existing images from the forum and also problems uploading new images.

Problems Uploading Images

If you have tried this recently you would have received a '500 Internal Server Error' when clicking to upload the image, this has been resolved as a folder permission setting on the new Hosting company network - i needed to assign the folder create and modify permissions !

Just a reminder for those uploading images - 

1) Please crop the image as much as you can, this reduces file sizes and allows better use of space, as well as focusing the reader on what you want them to see !

2) Please ensure file names have NO spaces or unusual characters - this can cause issues uploading or files being split and not found after upload

3) Keep file size to a minimum - yes large files can be uploaded/downloaded these days but there is still a need to be efficient, a 300DPI file is more than an adequate resolution for the web.. cropping to whats only required should keep sizes around or under 2MB quite easily (2MB is the restriction i set)

Note. I am reviewing increasing the image and file (pdf etc) sizes 


Disappearing Images

This one may be a bit harder to explain so bear with me !

When files are uploaded there get the site url embedded in the message body in the form :


Images uploaded prior to the move to new ISP would have a reference, i have deleted everything from the old domain and put a forwarder to the new .net domain so the page couldn't find and load the old images.

I have had to go through every message post (luckily not too many) and manually replace the domain reference.

I copied all the images across before deleting the off the old domain so everything should now be back .. i may have missed updating a message or a file may have failed to be copied across so it you notice any missing images please let me know (using contact form to webmaster) stating which category and post etc.

Thanks Neil ..

Ps. Now start using it and make all the hard work worth while  !