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This Site is not Secure !
This Website
Monday, October 8, 2018 by ngrover

 A member contacted me through the website asking :

"When I log into the website it comes up at the top saying this site is not secure."

I thought this was something that should be shared in case anyone else was seeing this and was concerned they shouldn't use this site.

It's likely they were seeing or refering to something similar to below (how it looks may be different depending on what browser you are using) :


Below is my reply :

"This is likely to be with the settings of your browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Google etc).

It used to be you would have to configure your browser (set levels too high etc) to display such warnings, now it's getting more normal for browsers to set these settings as default to alert people ..


It is likely referring to the fact the site is not using SSL or running through encrypted protocol - i.e. you will note some URLs are 'https' as opposed to 'http' .. httpis that bit that says connection is secure/encrypted. This is only required when you are transferring sensitive information like in a shopping cart when processing credit card / payment information, the MSC site does not transfer any such data so the MSC site does not require this."


By URL i am refering to this bit : .. you don't always see the http in the address lines but it is there, so for example if the MSC introduced a page that processed card payments the page and data sent from would need to be encrypted and the page URL would be (or similar).


Any further questions please contact me through the site contact form sending the message to the webmaster