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News Title Image Forum - File Upload Issues
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Wednesday, May 15, 2019 by ngrover


I have idntified an issue where regardless of sizes i set for validating file uploads in my scripts there is a maximum of 200 KB  (note KB not MB) which is set by our ISP provider, this has occured since moving to our new hosts last year. I do not have access to alter this setting but i have sent in a spport ticket asking if this can be increased.

Unfortunately it is not easy to trap the horrible Error message when this limit is hit in the upload process, which is :

If you see this error when uploading files to your forum post it is almost certainly becasue your file is greater than 200 KB

This isn't such a problem for images as you can still get a pretty descent quality for you post, if larger you will need to reduce the size in an image editor by cropping or downsizing the image.

Note. This only affects file uploads to the forum ! .. this is because of the coding language (classic asp) used, my other uploads use different coding language which by passes the asp restrictions on the server.

Apologies for any confusion or frustration to date and i will try and get a resolution in place to allow larger files as soon as i can.