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Tuesday, May 21, 2019 by ngrover


There were problems with the old file upload page where files were restricted to 200KB and if someone tried to upload files larger than this limit it produced a nasty (untrapable) Error.

This limit is set by our ISP host provider for security reasons and on shared hosting platforms, like ours, they are reluctant to encrease this limit.

I have re used the uploader page/script i use for the rest of the website (it uses a different coding approach), this gets round the limit and now allow unlimited uploads.

The unlimited upload is now a problem !.. as it could affect user experiance of the site as posts struggle to download, resent large image files, i will likely look to impose a restriction on image inserts as this more prone to page loading delays that attachments - with attachments the forum pages will laod quicly as it will only load a link to the file.

Clicking on an insert attachment or insert image will now present the below screen, hopefully use should be intuative!, feel free to report any issues.