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Wednesday, August 28, 2019 by ngrover


Summer Newsletter Volume 21, No 2 



Malta Pre-Stamp Markings 1806-1857 Part 4 ‘Circular Datestamps’  - Alan Green 

Operations of the British Packet Agency and Island Post Office 1806-1857

and the associated Malta handstamps for Outwards and Transit Mail - Alan Green 

Anglo-Japanese Naval Cooperation in the Mediterranean WWI - Marc Parren 


WII Admiralty Censor unrecorded label - Marc Parren

Study Paper 51 : Maltese Picture Postcards of George Furst - Hadrian Wood & Ronald Jones

Leonard Douglas Fryer stamp designs created for Malta

Malta 1938 - De La Rue photographic essays: Michael Lewis Collection 

‘COLONIES PAR MARSEILLE’ : Handstamp on early letters from Malta

Cospicua Green Registration Labels - an update 

Hindenburg - LZ 129 on 1st return flight 11 May 1936 Lakehurst to Malta - Tony Camilleri

Crash cover France to Malta 22 October 1958

Malta Airmail 1946 (12 Nov) crash cover from Malta to Netherlands 

Christmas day mail, 1896 incoming; 1918 A day off for the Censor? - Roger Bower

Unrecorded Parcel Registration Label Valletta Malta 32 - Roger Bower

An unrecorded postcard? - Rodger Evans 76

POSTMAN’S HANDSTAMP Study Paper 18 : Updates - Pat & Adrian Patrick

POW CARD -An unrecorded illustrated card with superimposed impressed ‘stamp’ 

The Queen Victoria 1885 ½d Green Inverted Watermark. - Graham Pound 

The Polish Field Post Office in Scotland – Undercover card to Malta

Update - Mr C Camilleri Illustrator, St Lucia Street, Valletta