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Tuesday, December 29, 2020 by ngrover

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Winter No 3


Editorial John Pullicino 85

Contents 85

MALTA STUDY CIRCLE Annual Subscription for year 31 Dec to 2021 86

Message from the Chairman 87

Dr David Ball : A Tribute 88

Malta Postal History – Why? (in David’s own words) David Ball 89

1899 Valletta to USA on illustrated envelope 90

11 Wavy Line cancellations on letter from Crimea to Calcutta 91

Malta Wavy Line cancellation on Great Britain 1847 Embossed 1/- Green 92

Great Britain embossed 6d SG.25 Violet on 26 March 1856 cover from Malta to Gibraltar 93

French Antilles, BARTH to Malta April 1860. A rare incoming cover 93

1st Battalion The Cheshire Regiment Malta 1941 -1943. A Green / R Evans 94

Illustrated Advertising Envelope ‘ENCORE WHISKY’ to Trieste. 99

A Trio of unusual Malta PAR AVION JUSQUA’A Covers Alan Green 100

Query- Short F Confirmed Positions? Neil Grover 105

Malta Double Arc in black on Great Britain 1881 2½d. Blue Pl 23 107


Hand Illustrated FDCs by C Camilleri of Valletta 108

Malta George Cross Island Patriotic cover to Indiana U.S.A. 4 May 1945 109

1860 Malta to London with a four line italic Instructional Marking 110

Melita’s contribution to COVID -19 memorabilia 110

Quarantine rules during the epidemic in 1892 111

Nile Expeditionary Force 1898 cover to Malta from Major W Ross 114

1864 Telegram Dispatch imprinted Registered Envelope to Bombay 114

The art and development of stamp design for the George Cross anniversaries: Chev E. V. Cremona 115

Malta Errors and Varieties on 1965 definitive stamps – an update. 120

Bleriot L Aeronautics letter to G B Hynes, Fort Ricasoli Malta 18 April 1911 T Camilleri 121

Malta to British Guiana 21 July 1879 with a Two Line Instructional Mark. 122

1930 Canada – Zeppelin LAKEHURST via N.J. – SEVILLE Pan American Flight to Malta 123

PHS 58 Pat and Adrian Patrick 123

MALTA POST OFFICES 1806-1857 and their handstruck Postal Markings Alan Green 125



Summer No 2

Editorial John Pullicino 43

Minutes of the AGM Saturday 16 Feb. 2019 44

AUCTION NEWS and Selected Scanned Lots 45

The SS Tudor Prince - the story of an album and a Salvaged Cover David Ball 2202049

Malta - WWI Naval Censor GAW Wilkinson C. F. (Gould 3 B47) David Ball 50

WWII CS-T2-36 – an update R oger Bower 52

A puzzling WWII cover Rodger Evans 53

Airmail from Malta to Australia and Dutch East Indies in December 1934 Alan Green 54

Letter from His Majesty’s Sloop Rose at Malta to Guernsey 29 November 1927. 61

Malta 1922 Postage Overprint Missing Turquoise 2d Tablet value. 63

Malta WW I POW unlisted hand Drawn card 9 February 1916 64

Lady Gowrie, Canberra, Australia: the story behind the cover. Lou Wadley 65

Imperial Airways Transatlantic Mail 1 Aug 1939 Malta - New York 66

The S. S. Sardinia Disaster – Malta Postcards on 28 November 1908 John Pullicino 67

Malta stamp Errors – Varieties from the ‘Pierron’ collection 69

The Queen Victoria ½d green with inverted watermark Graham Pound 71

Hotel Advertising Postcards Rodger Evans 73

EBay buyers beware: Bogus covers fetch high prices 75

Government Postal announcements Hadrian Wood 76

Apex International Air Post Exhibition London sent to Malta 10 May 1934 Lou Wadley 82