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Saturday, January 28, 2023 by Neil Grover


The first change was our ISP (Internet Service Provider) moved us to a new server, typically everything should work as normal, however because this is a new environment there are always a few things that don't quite works as expected so there is an excercise to test (and fix) as much as possible, there is also some known legacy config changes to make for the scripts - i think i have found and fixed most, please let me know if you spot anything.

The second change is, as a result of the change and having to spend time on the site i took the opportunity to 'secure the site' .. nothing as major as it sounds and everything was perfectly ok before. What this actually means is the communication data sent from the browser (user) to the server is encrypted, this is only really needed for sites that process sensitive data like card payment details, its a bit overkill, like getting the groceries delevered in an armourd vehicle .. but at least we have an official secure site. The main difference is you will notice an https://  instead of an http:// 

from    to 

This can also cause different reactions to some things so again, be on the lookup for any oddities.

 The third change is, whilst using and testing the site i noticed how slow the pages had become when deliverying images, i have adopted a completely new method for caching and delivery images, i am part way through this and unfortunately there may be some disruption to image displays with debug messages on the screen so please bear with me on this, there may also be some Error pages thrown in the mix.. but the end result should be a much faster loading home page, image libary and study board.

The fourth change is, some years ago we had a disagreement with our then ISP and were forced to move to a new ISP, they refused to release our then domain of for transfer so we had to create a new site under a new domain of, i was able to put a redirect on the old site to redirect it to the new one but about two years ago this stopped working and our old domain would end in a horrible error for anyone trying to find it, while attending to the above ISP maintenance i noticed our old domain was available for purchase again, so we did and i re instated the redirct to the new site. This is important as all the old publications of the time refer to our old domain/website.