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The board is built up by Creating Categories, then assigning Groups to that Category then adding entries to the group - i.e. You can only add an entry to an existing Category/Group

Options when creating a Category or Group
The creator of a new Category or Group has four options for how their Category or Group can be used by other users :
1) Shared
This is the default and allows other users to add groups or entries under their category
2) Nominated
This allows the creator to list nominated users who can add groups and entries
3) Moderated
This allows all users to add groups and entries but entries are not shown under the creator approves them
4) Locked
Only the creator is allowed to add groups and entries

Exceptions to above are Site or Module (Study Board) Admin users
As of 30-March-2012 only options 1 and 4 have been coded, 2 and 3 default to 1

Data Capture
The board has been started with a basic set of record data capture :
1) Reference
2) Description
3) Image
4) Earliest recorded date
5) Earliest recorded by
6) Earliest recorded image
7) Latest recorded date
8) Latest recorded by
9) Latest recorded image
10) Notes

later it will be possible to assign specific fields for different groups to capture more group specific data but as the majority of Postal History research is covered by {item;reference;description;issued;earliest and latest use} this should form the basis to begin things. If there is an urgent requirement to use different fields i can probably hard code these to groups if requested

Building the Image Library
Once study board entries have been created you can start adding to the entries 'image library' and build up a reference database (more about libraries later)

Don't worry too much about getting everything correct straight away as its possible to rename Categories and Groups after they have been setup as well as move an entry to a different Category/Group

- - - -

This is all relatively new and still needs some formatting added but should all work - if you find anything doesn't work or you have a general question please contact me, i also hope to provide a proper help file in due course

Neil :: 30-March-2012